Hi all,

Army Duck and I would like to apologize for the lack of posts recently. Grad school got overwhelming quickly, there were a couple days that we were involved in meetings/school responsibilities that could not be photographed, and then life got super repetitive. As such, we will be posting…BUT there will be some changes. Instead of daily updates, I am going to try for weekly updates, with the occasional extra if we have an awesome adventure. This will allow for less repetition in posts, and free up some time for grad school. Also, the school year is approaching (way too quickly I might add), and when school starts only adventures will be posted. (Seriously, you do not want weekly posts of grading papers! Making lesson plans!)



Army Duck

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July 11th

After some much needed sleep in our own beds, Army Duck and I had errands to do.

Photo Jul 11, 2 28 18 PM

Army Duck was responsible for the list.

Photo Jul 11, 5 11 02 PM

We picked some lettuce from our garden!!! Army Duck offered to wash it.

Photo Jul 11, 5 48 48 PM

I promise, we will not become *those* people who post every meal, but dinner was too good not to! Baked Mac and Cheese and a salad with some of our own home grown vegetables! Now it is off to some serious grad work for us!

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July 10th

What a busy day!

Photo Jul 10, 10 34 25 AM

We went kayaking this morning! (As you can guess, I had to do most of the work, since Army Duck had trouble reaching the paddle.)

Photo Jul 10, 11 20 09 AM

It was very relaxing once we both got settled in and into a good pace.

Photo Jul 10, 4 09 01 PM

Then we finally returned (TO OUR) home!! There was a huge stack of mail for us! (Mostly junk mail though.)

Photo Jul 10, 4 11 27 PM

We finally got to check in with our plants! (1st time in almost 2 weeks!) Here is a baby pumpkin!

Photo Jul 10, 4 11 08 PM

And some baby peppers!

Photo Jul 10, 4 11 00 PM

And the lettuce has taken off, so it is perfect to practice jungle camouflage in!



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July 9th

Today started nice and late! It was awesome to sleep in!

Photo Jul 09, 11 35 34 AM

Followed by some “relaxing” homework outside.

Photo Jul 09, 2 23 31 PM

Played some cribbage with my sis. (And won! Army Duck gives good advice on what to hold.)

Photo Jul 09, 7 31 26 PM

Enjoyed a fire out back!

Photo Jul 09, 7 27 27 PM

And some smores! Yum!

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July 8th

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday! Army Duck and I got kinda busy!

We finally finished the fixing the car!

Photo Jul 08, 7 03 01 PM

So today we celebrated with some ice cream…

Photo Jul 08, 9 45 07 PM

And some movies! 🙂

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July 6th

Today was a day of frustration.

Photo Jul 06, 1 24 29 PM

We spent our day tearing the car apart.

Photo Jul 06, 12 48 04 PM

And when finished, we discovered that it was not right. Sigh. Tomorrow we will take it back apart, amid much frustration.

Photo Jul 06, 7 43 34 PM

We ended the day playing fetch with the cat. (Bad pic I know, but the only one I could get with her holding the ball!)

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July 5th

Today was H-O-T!

Photo Jul 05, 3 07 33 PM

So we spent a lot of the day in the pool!

Photo Jul 05, 3 07 26 PM

With a little bit of sunbath, only to dry off of course.

Photo Jul 05, 3 07 58 PM

We spent some time checking out the floor beds.

Photo Jul 05, 3 36 25 PM

And then attempted to fix a computer. With a new part, we will be successful!

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July 4th

Happy Independence Day America!

Photo Jul 04, 9 15 14 AM

We started our day by once again packing the car to head off on a road trip!

Photo Jul 04, 10 06 25 AM

We stopped to buy some lobsters.

Photo Jul 04, 2 32 10 PM

Who became a delicious lunch!

Photo Jul 04, 1 50 11 PM

Hung out with some family…

Photo Jul 04, 9 21 31 PM

And then went to watch the fireworks!

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July 3rd

Slow day for us.

Photo Jul 03, 9 33 01 PM

This is what we did all day. Alternating between a grad paper and Pinterest. Sometimes we have boring days. 🙂

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July 2nd

Pretty low key day today for us. Time for the road trip home.

Photo Jul 02, 12 30 41 PM

Someone forgot to charge the iPod. (Oops.) So we had to listen to CDs from our teenage years.

Photo Jul 02, 12 38 13 PM

The best part of the drive was being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic in 81 degree weather with no AC.

Photo Jul 02, 1 26 43 PM

Actually, the best part is coming home. Army Duck and I always get excited when we reach the bridge. 🙂

But we are two exhausted travelers, so its an early bedtime for us!

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