July 1st

So this morning, we decided to go shopping!

Photo Jul 01, 10 55 21 AM

Army Duck assumed the boyfriend job and held my purse while I tried on many things.

Photo Jul 01, 3 11 54 PM

Later we went to the beach!!

Photo Jul 01, 3 17 26 PM

We made sure to apply our sunscreen.

Photo Jul 01, 3 27 19 PM

Photo Jul 01, 3 27 33 PM

We sunbathed for a while.

Photo Jul 01, 3 25 05 PM

Built a sandcastle!

Photo Jul 01, 3 26 25 PM

Did the obligatory bury-me-in-the-sand photo.

Photo Jul 01, 3 15 20 PM

Went swimming!

Photo Jul 01, 3 45 54 PM

And stayed hydrated!

Photo Jul 01, 8 07 30 PM

When we got home, there were bunnies watching for us in the driveway! What a good day!

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June 30th

Today was a pretty low key and relaxing day for us.

Photo Jun 30, 12 17 09 PM

Army Duck finally got his reading glasses. 🙂

Photo Jun 30, 12 17 55 PM

Then it was party time for a close friend of ours!

Photo Jun 30, 2 47 49 PM

Which included going out for some AMAZING chocolate cake! (Our guilty pleasure.)

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June 29th

Today started with an amazing thunderstorm. But I didn’t take pictures.

Photo Jun 29, 9 05 54 AM

Then Army Duck and I headed off to Zumba with a friend. He decided he needed to warm up on the ballet bars before class started.

Photo Jun 29, 11 51 00 AM

We shared a delicious lunch after.

Photo Jun 29, 3 34 55 PM

Then the ladies went off for manicures and pedicures, while the guys (and Army Duck) stayed home and played video games! I can’t imagine why he didn’t want to go?

Photo Jun 29, 6 51 11 PM

Finally, we ended the day with a dinner out with good friends!

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June 28th

Army Duck and I woke up somewhat early today, loaded the car and headed off!

Photo Jun 28, 8 37 02 AM

Well…started to head off.

Photo Jun 28, 8 28 42 AM

We had to stop and get our favorite coffees! (Medium Iced Caramel Latte with Whole Milk)

Photo Jun 28, 8 28 29 AM

And get gas.

Photo Jun 28, 3 38 53 PM

Then we were off! For real this time! Army Duck was my navigator.

Photo Jun 28, 3 52 38 PM

Then we hit a traffic jam. Army Duck decided to take over the music selection…after the third playing of Rockin’ Robin, he was relieved of that position!

Photo Jun 28, 7 47 41 PM

After many hours of traffic jams, we finally made it and were greeted by our friend, Oliver!

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June 27th

So that work out yesterday was amazing! It totally kicked my butt, or rather abs! Which means today started with me on the couch unable unwilling to move!

Photo Jun 27, 9 07 11 AM

Army Duck was quite the sweetheart about it, and even made sure to heat up my rice pack for my sore muscles.

Photo Jun 27, 5 52 02 PM

We spent the day relaxing. And checked out our plants!

Photo Jun 27, 5 52 25 PM

Army Duck practiced his camouflage. (He may have done better if he took off his beret. It doesn’t really blend in with lettuce.)

Photo Jun 27, 7 21 52 PM

And finished the day with way too much a little packing. This is just my stuff. Luckily Army Duck knows how to travel light!

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June 26th

Another low key day here for Army Duck and I. We have a road trip coming up, so today’s goal was to get some things done around the house.

Photo Jun 26, 2 48 56 PM

We started by going to the gym! I met with a trainer to help me set up a routine, while Army Duck stayed in the car and grumbled about how I should have just asked him because he is a “workout pro”.

Photo Jun 26, 2 49 40 PM

Then it was time for chores around the house. Army Duck is very good at doing laundry. Must be all the uniforms he has to keep clean. 🙂

Photo Jun 26, 6 45 10 PM

And then we finished by making pizza. Successfully negating the workout I did earlier (So not sorry. Oops!) Army Duck was sure he could entire an entire half of the pizza. He can be a bit greedy at times.

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June 25th

Today started pretty low key. Coffee, reading the news. Then I decided I needed to clean.

Photo Jun 25, 2 30 40 PM

We started off with this messy pile of shoes. In case you can’t tell, Army Duck is giving me a disapproving look. This would NOT meet the standards of his superiors. Thankfully, I don’t have to live with them!

Photo Jun 25, 2 53 45 PM

When it came time to mop the floor Army Duck insisted on doing it, until he couldn’t lift the mop. Then he proceeded to give PLENTY of directions on how to mop the floor (that I ignored).

Photo Jun 25, 2 05 39 PM

After all the cleaning (I am not showing the rest of my messy house! :-p), we were pretty exhausted and laid down for a nap.

Photo Jun 25, 2 06 48 PM

Upon waking up, it was time to move onto grad school work. Army Duck insisted on using my glasses to read the report. I think we may need to get some his size!

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June 24th – Hanging at Home

June 24th - Hanging at Home

Today Army Duck and I did some reading for grad school, followed by watching the Bruins!

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